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Tease And Denial Phone Domination

Phone domination tease and denial sessionsAs a femdom Mistress, I believe in total cock control. I will own your cock which means only I control your orgasmic pleasure. Be prepared for me to tease you into a frenzy, tell you how to stroke for me, to edge you repeatedly. I love nothing more than hearing you beg frantically for release during a tease and denial phone domination call.

Forget “cum and go” phone sex, because you are not going to be sure that you will be allowed to have an orgasm. And if you are allowed to have an orgasm, you will work for it, via begging and controlled edging as I tease you mercilessly and struggling to comply with anything else I instruct you to do while you stroke or don’t stroke.

Know this my masturbating minions! It’s in my power to ultimately deny you and don’t think I haven’t hung up the phone occasionally, leaving one of my totally teased boys extremely worked up and denied. Denial will only make you hornier and more desperate to cum while under my femdom control.

I know far better than you do that you should give up your addiction to chronic solo masturbation 1 – 2 – 3 times a day. I know how you’ve secretly fantasized about surrendering control of your cock to a sexy femdom Mistress who enjoys keeping you hard and frantic and loves forcing you to channel all that pent up sexual energy into pleasing HER. My expert seductive tease and denial will cure your chronic jack-a-holic habit. All you need to do is ask for my cock control cure when you call me for phone domination.

Phone Domination with Femdom Mistress April

phone domination with a femdom mistressI am Mistress April – a femdom Mistress with a voracious appetite for sexual domination. My erotic phone domination sessions are all about taking submissive sluts like you and training you to be my personal sex slave.

My specialty is tease and denial and orgasm control. I love nothing more than teasing you into a state of frantic arousal, your cock throbbing and your balls achingly full, bringing you to the edge repeatedly and then pulling you back as you groan with delicious erotic frustration. Will I allow you to cum? Will I keep you endlessly on the edge? Maybe a ruined orgasm? Or will you find yourself confessing your secret desire to be locked into a chastity cage and endure long term orgasm denial?

I make good use of a slave’s tongue also. Not just pussy worship but ass worship, kissing my feet and sucking the heel of my stilettos too. And if you’re a sissy boy, you can expect to be stripped, shaved, dressed and fully feminized into the submissive sissy slut you know you want to be.

I have many other kinky interests including humiliation, cuckolding, strap ons, forced bi, and all kinds of femdom fantasies. My phone domination style is anything goes and limit-pushing so I welcome even the most wild or taboo fantasies. So what are you waiting for? Call me!