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Strap On Domination Phone Sex

Strap on domination phone sex with a femdom MistressI probably get more calls for strap on domination than any other kind of phone domination call. Maybe it’s because very few things fulfill a submissive male’s craving to submit more powerfully than being penetrated by his Mistress. Or maybe it’s because it’s one of my favorite things to do.

I can violate a man with my strap on a dozen times and not do it the same way twice. I might start by putting you on your knees in front of me and make you suck my strap on while I tell you how much I’m going to enjoy making you moan like a bitch for me. I might bend you over and make you push your ass high in the air and beg for my cock. Or put you on your back and make you spread your legs for me like the slut you are. You might get a slow, deep, sensual fuck or I might take my biggest dildo and give you the kind of hard, rough, raunchy strap on domination that you thought could only happen in your fantasies.

Have a dildo? Tell me when you call. I love listening to you fuck yourself at my direction! Don’t have one? No problem. I’ll guide you through a strap on phone domination fantasy that will leave you feeling as thoroughly fucked and drained as if you did.

Whether it’s strap on, cuckolding, humiliation, sissy training or any other kind of domination phone sex — call me and let’s explore your edgiest submissive desires.