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Fetish Fantasy Phone Domination

Fetish fantasy phone domination calls with Mistress AprilOne of my favorite kinds of phone domination calls is fetish fantasy role plays.  A lot of callers want their phone Mistress to exercise real life control over them, during the call and sometimes even outside the call’s duration.  Maybe they want her to allow them to touch their cock. Or forbid them from touching their cock.  To make them perform in various ways for her.  To punish them if they fail to please.  And I do love to do that.  I love making making my boys into obedient submissive sluts for me.

But some phone domination callers have some type of femdom fetish fantasy that they want to explore. Doing fantasy role plays can be very hot.  I have a great imagination and I enjoy the challenge of this kind of improvisational acting.

I’ve done fantasies where I’m a giantess, toying with a tiny male who fits in the palm of my hand.  I’ve been a sadistic prison guard, cruelly tormenting a prisoner in my charge. I’ve been a sexy super heroine. a slave owner in ancient Rome, a witch with magic powers, even a succubus.  I’ve role played characters from movies, television shows and books.

The best part of a fetish fantasy role play for me is the chance to exercise my dominance over you outside the constraints of the real world.   To use my imagination and verbal abilities to push your submissive feelings to their limits.  When we do a call like this, I like you to lie back and close your eyes to shut out any distractions.  I want you to immerse yourself as deeply as possible into our erotic fantasy scenario.

Do you have a fetish fantasy you’d like to explore?  Bring it to me and let me bring it to life for you!


Foot Fetish Phone Domination

Phone domination sessions for foot fetish and foot worship.Any phone domination session with a Femdom like me is always exciting.  It’s doubly exciting when what I want you to do for me on any given day just so happens to match up to your own fetish.  Don’t you agree?

Luckily for you body worship lovers out there, I’m nearly always in the mood to lie back and be pampered. I enjoy it so much that as long as you beg nicely and follow my instructions devotedly, I’ll nearly always allow you to worship me anytime you want.  I can always find a use for a talented tongue!

I enjoy having almost every part of me worshipped, but I think I like foot worship the most, especially from a submissive with a true foot fetish. There’s just something absolutely delightful about having a man kneeling or lying at my feet and lavishing attention all over them.

If you’ve got a foot fetish, take note: I especially like having my toes sucked. And I don’t just mean in a perfunctory sort of way. I love it when a man has the presence of mind to worship each toe individually, licking, kissing, sucking and pleasuring each one thoroughly.

Now wouldn’t you love to be on your knees worshipping my feet right about now? Well, the floor is open for now, so why not give me a call for some foot fetish phone sex? Impress me with your skill and enthusiasm and I might be inspired to tease you with my feet in a way that will make your cock ache.  Careful though!  If you have an “accident”, your phone domination session will end with you licking up your cum off my feet.

Tease And Denial Phone Domination

Phone domination tease and denial sessionsAs a femdom Mistress, I believe in total cock control. I will own your cock which means only I control your orgasmic pleasure. Be prepared for me to tease you into a frenzy, tell you how to stroke for me, to edge you repeatedly. I love nothing more than hearing you beg frantically for release during a tease and denial phone domination call.

Forget “cum and go” phone sex, because you are not going to be sure that you will be allowed to have an orgasm. And if you are allowed to have an orgasm, you will work for it, via begging and controlled edging as I tease you mercilessly and struggling to comply with anything else I instruct you to do while you stroke or don’t stroke.

Know this my masturbating minions! It’s in my power to ultimately deny you and don’t think I haven’t hung up the phone occasionally, leaving one of my totally teased boys extremely worked up and denied. Denial will only make you hornier and more desperate to cum while under my femdom control.

I know far better than you do that you should give up your addiction to chronic solo masturbation 1 – 2 – 3 times a day. I know how you’ve secretly fantasized about surrendering control of your cock to a sexy femdom Mistress who enjoys keeping you hard and frantic and loves forcing you to channel all that pent up sexual energy into pleasing HER. My expert seductive tease and denial will cure your chronic jack-a-holic habit. All you need to do is ask for my cock control cure when you call me for phone domination.

Cock Mistress Phone Domination

Phone domination with Cock Mistress April.Orgasm denial, guided masturbation, cock control, tease and denial — whatever you want to call it, it’s an important part of an erotic phone domination session with this Cock Mistress. You’ve heard the phrase “control the cock and you control the man”? Well, controlling men is what I do.

You masturbate whenever you want. You take it for granted that you can touch yourself whenever you get the urge. But just the thought of surrendering control of your masturbation and your orgasms to a strict Cock Mistress makes your cock twitch with anticipation, doesn’t it?

I love to play with your cock and make it my toy. There are so many ways to dominate a man but there’s nothing more exciting than exerting my control directly over your cock.

When you are under my control, you will not cum, you will not even masturbate, without my permission. I will decide when you can stroke, how to stroke and how long you can stroke. I may bring you to the edge and back again and again. You will beg and plead for release and the more you beg, the more aroused I will become.

I will use our phone domination session to manipulate and control your throbbing cock for my pleasure. I will seduce you with the hot thrill of erotic tension as I tease that cock. Will I indulge you with hot guided masturbation this time? Or keep you on edge with an extended session of tease and denial? Or will all this exquisitely exciting stroking ultimately end in orgasm denial?

You know the answer to that. Your cock is in the hands of your Cock Mistress. And you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Strap On Domination Phone Sex

Strap on domination phone sex with a femdom MistressI probably get more calls for strap on domination than any other kind of phone domination call. Maybe it’s because very few things fulfill a submissive male’s craving to submit more powerfully than being penetrated by his Mistress. Or maybe it’s because it’s one of my favorite things to do.

I can violate a man with my strap on a dozen times and not do it the same way twice. I might start by putting you on your knees in front of me and make you suck my strap on while I tell you how much I’m going to enjoy making you moan like a bitch for me. I might bend you over and make you push your ass high in the air and beg for my cock. Or put you on your back and make you spread your legs for me like the slut you are. You might get a slow, deep, sensual fuck or I might take my biggest dildo and give you the kind of hard, rough, raunchy strap on domination that you thought could only happen in your fantasies.

Have a dildo? Tell me when you call. I love listening to you fuck yourself at my direction! Don’t have one? No problem. I’ll guide you through a strap on phone domination fantasy that will leave you feeling as thoroughly fucked and drained as if you did.

Whether it’s strap on, cuckolding, humiliation, sissy training or any other kind of domination phone sex — call me and let’s explore your edgiest submissive desires.

Erotic Phone Domination

Phone Domination MistressWelcome to Erotic Phone Domination. If you’re tired of phone domination calls that are little more than barking orders and lame name calling, you’re in the right place. Talk to a dominant Mistress who specializes in sensual erotic domination, using her provocative feminine power to seduce — not shout — you into submission. Yes, we may torture you. We may torment you, We will absolutely tease you mercilessly. But your cock will be rock hard and throbbing even while you suffer. Your orgasm, however, is never assured. You will serve and obey and please your Mistress to earn the sweet privilege of release.

Call us now and confess even your most kinky and taboo submissive fantasies!

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